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Frequently Asked Questions

How long are consultations?

The first consultation is 2 hours in length; follow up consultation will vary from client to client but generally they are between 1 to 1.5 hours in length.  For children the length of consultation will vary depending on the child and their age. 

Do I need to book?

Yes, all consultations are by appointment only. 

Is The Awakening Essence following the WA Government’s directives pertaining to COVID-19?

Absolutely and clients will be guided when attending the clinic to the COVID-19 requirements. The Awakening Essence has a COVID-19 Safety Plan and had undergone training pertaining to COVID-19.

Is The Awakening Essence a mobile service?

No, regrettably we do not offer a mobile business component – but do have appointments in both Hamilton Hill (near Fremantle) and Mandurah.

How many consultations will I need?

This varies from client to client – this discussion and decision is made by both the practitioner and the client at the first consultation.

Does The Awakening Essence offer Telephone or Skype Consultations?

Yes, it does – depending on the client’s support requirement. 

Are the modalities used in The Awakening Essence recognised by self-governing associations and legislation?

Yes, there are a number of well-respected self-governing associations to which many practitioners can and are a member, to which there is a Code of Professional Ethics and Qualification Standards which must be abide too.  In many states of Australia there is legislation which covers Registered and Unregistered Health Care Workers – the self-governing associations acknowledges and all members must abide by these legislations.

Is it appropriate for a client to receive a referral to another professional health care practitioner?

Absolutely.  It is not appropriate for a practitioner to operate outside of their fields of qualifications and should refer their client to an appropriate practitioner for further support.

Can a client contact The Awakening Essence to discuss whether their challenge could be assisted or supported by the practitioner?

It is encouraged for a person to make an enquiry first, either by telephone contact or email or sms.  If the practitioner is busy supporting another client they will always follow up with contact with the person.

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If you have tried all other avenues and still need help rest assured that there is help available. I work closely with all of my clients taking the time to understand their story and guide them through their journey to better health.

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