This information is available on numerous websites and printed material.
These are just a few contacts of support

Cancer Council of WA
Carers Association of WA

(12 to 25yrs old)

Telephone: 1800 650 890

Kids Helpline

(5 to 25yrs old)


Beyond Blue

Youth Beyond Blue

(12 to 25yrs old)

Telephone: 1800 551 800

Telephone: 1800 654 432

Telephone: 1300 224 636

Telephone: 1300 224 636

Kids Helpline

Family Relationship Centre

Telephone: 1800 551 800

Telephone: 08 6164 0300

Dads in Distress

Telephone number: 1300 853 437

Men’s Line Australia Telephone: 1300 789 978
Lifeline Telephone: 13 11 14
Mental Health Emergency


Suicide Call Back Service

The Samaritans Crisis Line

Telephone: 1300 555 788 (Metro) or 1800 676 822 (Peel)

Telephone: 1300 659 467

Telephone: 08 9381 5555 (Main Line)

Telephone: 08 9388 2500 (Youth Line)

Telephone: 1800 198 313 (Country Toll-Free)

Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse
WA Police 131 444 (Police Assistance Required) or 000 (Life-Threatening Situations Only)
Department of Communities Child Protection and Families Support
Family Court of Western Australia
Relationships Australia
Citizens Advice Bureau
Community Legal Centre
Family Law Practitioners Association
Legal Aid WA

When Separating: Family Law + Roads to Resolution is a website resource where you will find Videos about different subjects relevant to adults and children involved in a separation, whether of a marriage or a de facto relationship.

As well, Info+Links pages are listing where you can seek further information and assistance services.

For reference, the website address is


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